Sunday, June 21, 2009

Loving Life

Well I haven't had to much going on in my life lately! My mom and I went to the Kenny Chesney concert not to long ago! The concert was my first which is kinda embarrasing to admit. I think the concert was amazing and who doesn't love some Kenny. I actually got to drive Brandon's orange truck the other day. He had no clue lol. I love driving it. The oranse truck is an 80 something chevy. His dad rebuilt it and that sucker is loud and fast. I forgot to was it when I was done playing though so I got caught lol. All the same I loved driving it. Brandon always tells me I romp on it to much but I just like to make it louder. Well Brandon got to come home for 5 days and I took off work so we just visited his family and had alot of fun. I forgot how it feels to stay out and party. I a used to going to bed around 9 or so and now my sleeping schedule is so messed up. We would stay out til like 3 in the morning every night. I got a citation from the city of PG for brush on the side of my house whta the heck. So when Brandon was here we had to haul it off. We took it all to his parents house and burnt it. I am telling you what it was some manual labor. Brandon left last week and I was so sad. He didn't wanna leave again and I made him. I felt horrible but I told him he had to finish what he started. He only has to do this til October then he can get a local job thank heavens. I have been laying out at my parents pool this past week and I have nothing to show for it but redness. I must be the only person in the world that cannot tan. I only get red and freckle more. I am hoping that one day all my freckles will connect and I will be tan all year round lol. I just hate that I constantly have to put sunscreen on. Well I will update you on what is happening in my life as soon as something becomes a little more exciting than just sitting at home with puppies and cats. Talk to ya soon.

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Jessica said...


You are just the cutest! I love your freckles! : ) I'm happy you made a blog post! Yeah!

Now... leave me comment! Ha, ha!

Take care!